Monday, November 23, 2009


Thanksgiving has always been a special holiday in our family.For years everyone made a point to be home for Thanksgiving. We always had a crowd and lots of good food and of course,  music.It was a tradition for all the men in the Wright family to go hunting on Thanksgiving Day.  With the passing of time  the family is much smaller but it is still a special day, and we have much to give thanks for. Every year I will say "I'm not cooking this year", and every year Kim says"Oh yes, we always have Thanksgiving at home". And of course I know she is right!
I have my Mom's old roasting pan from many years ago-it is so beat up I should get a new one,but I am hanging on to it as long as it lasts.I can remember many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and countless turkeys,hams and deer legs Mom cooked in that old pan,
and it does my heart good to have it!
So on Thursday, I will get out the old roaster and do turkey and dressing and all the other fixings the family likes.
And I will thank God for all the many blessings, old and new that He has sent my way.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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