Saturday, November 21, 2009


One thing for sure when you pour candles, you can spend a fortune on containers!
I am a fan of thrift stores,flea markets and yard sales. I always look for unique containers when I visit.These days everyone is looking for a bargain, so you run into all kinds of people, rich and poor!  I have had some good times looking around through all the "stuff." The old saying"one man's trash is another person's treasure" is so true! A few of my finds.

Christmas cups. These will make nice small gifts filled with holiday scents! They hold 6 oz. each.

$1.50 for all 7 cups.

These pretty amber colored containers hold 8 oz.  I will pour a pale yellow floral scent in these. 20 cents each.And clear glass is always pretty.All these were about $1.50.

And last, these are plain white cups with decals made from my own art work.

You can see I spend a lot of time working with candles and visiting thrift stores, but at my age,I feel entitled!!  And I really do find some good bargains. Many of the plain white cups and saucers sell for $10.00 a pair on some of the internet sites. My family enjoys the candles I make, so we all profit.
As we go into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season I can't help but wonder where the time has gone. Seems like yesterday we were celebrating 2008! I thank the Lord for all his blessings, and consider every day a gift! I will strive to use the abilities the Lord has given me wisely, and in a way that will honor Him!

Blessings on all!!

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