Monday, December 14, 2009


Our church visits several nursing homes each month, and Thursday is one night that we go. I always try to take a small hand made gift at Christmas,something easy and simple to make. I had wracked my brain trying to think of something and came upon this very easy and pretty craft-coffee filter angels! These are so easy to make that children can do them. No little ones here so I am doing them myself.They can be left plain white, but being a person that likes gold and silver, and glitter and anything shiny and sparkly I will be adding other things to them. 
A few Pictures of the process


                                                 THE LADIES!!

These are simple but pretty, and the ladies and gentlemen will appreciate them.When your life is confined to just a small space and a bed you are happy with just about anything! I loved making these, and plan on making 25 or 30 and passing them out. The last time I gave, one lady had already started back to her room, and when she saw
there  were presents, she waited outside the door to get one. Though it was just a small necklace, the bright colors(red,green,gold) caught her eye! With  very little effort and  small cost someone's day can be made a little brighter.There are so many disabled people now who are confined  to nursing homes  , we try to visit as many as we can, but the need is great! Blessings on all who make an effort to go and see the ones who cannot get out, They long for some company.Jesus said "If you do to the least of these, you have done it to Me"(my words)
God Bless All, and Merry Christmas!

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