Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cold Snowy Day In Carolina

                                                                         My backyard
                 Snow and Ice in the Carolinas!
It is a very cold day , and I have not been out side all day, except on my carport to snap these pictures. I am definitely not a snow person,so to make a cold day seem warmer I made a few roses!
These are made from coffee filters and painted with acrylic paints thinned very, very thin. Some people use watercolor paint, but I feel acrylics are better.  Watercolors are more delicate, and will come off on your  hands when being handled a lot.
These are easy and fun to do. I will probably give them to my "Ladies" at  the  nursing home
for Valentine's Day .And meanwhile I will be longing for warm weather once again!
Blessings on All!!!

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