Friday, March 19, 2010


The most precious things in life are not always gold and silver and diamonds.
I consider this old churn one of my precious things .
It was my Mama's churn.
Just looking,  it seems very beat up and one of the handles  has broken off.
But if this old churn could talk ...........

Mama used this churn for lots of things;
She churned butter in it before electricity came to our area.

She made kraut in it every summertime.
If you have only tasted kraut out of a tin can from the grocery store,
you have missed one of the good things in life.
Home made kraut is so much better!!!
All mountain women knew how to make it. 
I loved Mama's Kraut!
Wish I had some of it now.

Another thing she made in the churn was pickled beans.
You don't hear much about them in this day.
Many people liked them,and it was a staple in the mountains.
I only have one thing to say .

In the fall of the year, when the Fox Grapes down on the creek got ripe 
Mama would make a churn of wine.
Mama did not drink wine, so I really can't remember what she did with it.
The only thing I can say is....
I had three brothers!!!!!
They had numerous friends...
Imagine the rest.  

A few scenes I set up for a painting of the churn.

The old blue coffee pot was my brothers; and the flowers were my Dad's favorite,
The butter mold was Mama's

My beginning painting.
doesn't look like any of the set-ups.

 Start of painting.
I keep working a little at a time, and changing things.
Still needs MUCH work done on it, but eventually I will get it the way I want.
This is just a rough beginning,  sometimes it is good to put a painting away for awhile.
You can get a better perspective on it that way. 
When I finish and frame it, I will show it again. 

 Mama was a special person, one of a kind, 
I have enjoyed remembering things about the old churn, and talking about Mama.
It takes me back  home, and to the good days.
Happy times and Precious Memories.

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.
Wishing every one Precious  Memories,
Blessings from The Lord!!

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