Saturday, May 29, 2010


One of the definitions of happy is:
Glad or pleased.

My definition of happy is very simple.
Looking out my kitchen window at Jeremy's garden;
You can almost see it grow minute by minute.

And the sunflowers,
Small a few days ago, but look at them now!

Happiness  is all around,
Sometimes you just have to look in quiet places for it.

My neighbor's flowers in this old birdbath 

A pot of Angel Wing Begonias

My Red Maple tree.
It was given to me when my Brother passed from this life.  
When I look at it I think of him and what a good person he was.
His kind heart and caring ways.
And the good memories make me happy.

This pot of Ferns on my front porch.

I know ferns are not really this color
Still, it makes me happy to see blue ferns!!

 These RED roses:
  Is that not a happy color!!
 They are from my Mother's Day Bouquet.
Looking at them makes my heart feel good!

I can look out my window 
And see my tiny hollyhocks 
Putting all their strength into growing BIG!
 I just know in my heart they will make it.
And one day be full of beautiful blooms.
And that gives me a happy feeling!

This is only a lowly dandelion.
 People spend a lot of time trying to get rid of dandelions. 
They are definitely at the bottom of the flower list.
But it still has it's place in God's creation.
Just like all the other,more important flowers.
And that is a happy thought.
And in it's own quiet way, it is beautiful!

Happiness is all around,
You just have to look in quiet places.

You will find it!


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