Monday, September 13, 2010

Odds and Ends

We had a good Homecoming Sunday at our Church.
I had a very busy weekend what with Saturday's yard sale,
which went quite well,
cooking for Sunday.
Our church is blessed with very good cooks.
The only problem is trying to eat some of everything!
What a Blessed Day!

I sold my little gourd birdhouse!
 Did not really plan to sell it, but it happened!
I have become quite fascinated with gourds.
  I have been reading about raising them
all the different things that can be made from them.
I can remember seeing gourd dippers when I was growing up in the mountains.
Next year we hope to raise several different kinds.

This jar doesn't have anything to do with gourds.
I like to try and recycle things..see what can be made
from something that would  ordinarily be thrown away
This is a jelly jar.
The snowman is cut out from  Christmas wrapping paper.
Glued it on and put a clear glaze over it.
When it dries it can be hand washed, so it will last a long time.
It would be cute filled with peppermints.

I did a bunch of them,
Gave some of them away.

I think they are cute.
It is never too early to think about Christmas!

Happy Monday, and many blessings on all!

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