Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flowers and Gourds

The Squirrels are still around!
All spring and early summer they were after my flowers.
I took this picture out my window.
He seems quite happy.

These flowers just now started really putting forth blooms!
Don't they know it is Autumn?
All Summer they just stood full of blooms.
I am not complaining, and will take what I can get.
And pink is always good!
They are called Cosmos..I think.

I have taken so many flower pictures this Summer...
What will I do when they are gone??

I am still working with the gourds.
These are drying..there's more in the patch.
I have become quite fascinated with gourds.
Hopefully next year we will have a bunch,
different types!
There are many different kinds of Gourds,
and so
many different ways to use them.
These little sweeties will become birdhouses.

My newest gourd Birdhouse.
I have one more ready to paint.
 I have ordered a tool to cut the holes.
They will look better,
and will be safer.(for me.)
I am just scared of those saws and drills!
No more crooked holes.
The birds will love me!!

More another day about my Gourd saga.

Blessings on all!


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