Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It never fails to amaze me the things I can find
in my own yard.
Things to photograph.
Until I started this blog,
began taking so many pictures,
I guess I  never really thought about it.
This is a very small niche in a big, big world.
From the smallest bug, to the majestic mountains,
 the mighty Ocean,The Sky, Stars,the Moon...
there is beauty in all God's creation.
I am thankful for all the great photographers, 
The great artists, who have the ability to capture some of it,
In Photographs, and on Canvas.
They are truly blessed!
 we are blessed!

A few yard scenes.

I must show my gourds!
Before too long they will be fat little birdhouses!
For my bluebird friends.

Beautiful Harvest Moon!

That is all for now.
Wishing everyone a Blessed, peaceful day.
God Loves You!


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