Monday, October 4, 2010


My neighbor called me the other day..
"I have some towels if you would like to have them."

(Me)"Yes, I will take them if you don't want them."

"Oh, I am cleaning out my closets and getting rid of a lot of stuff."
"If you don't take them I am throwing them away."

(me) Oh I will take them..You know I will.
I will take anything."

Such is the life of a genuine pack rat.
But I sometimes wind up with nice things.

(if you are getting rid of "stuff" think of me!)
After all, I will take anything!

These towels are nice!

And this one even has Santa and His Reindeer.

With a nice striped trim.
I just can't complain!

The flowers today are from my flower patch.
I am trying my best to hang on to the last
"little dab" of summer.

Love and blessings on all,

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  1. I save all my towels for the children since they have pools. Someone is always coming over to swim and forget to bring towels. Your flowers are beautiful. We still have a few in the yard but not for long. It dropped to 59 degrees this morning and that is really cold for us. Brenda