Friday, November 26, 2010

After It Is Over

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Turkey,dressing, gravy,sweet potatoes, green beans, cole slaw,
A deer roast (Husband's favorite) and Pumpkin Pie.
I might add that I am still stuffed!
But I sent all the leftovers home with the children.
There are still some empty places at the table,
but maybe someday they will all be filled again.
Miracles happen every day!
I cannot believe that I DID NOT TAKE ONE PICTURE!
How in the world did that happen??
 I have much to be thankful for;
My Salvation,
My precious family,
The list could go on forever.
And I am truly thankful to a Loving God,
Who, through His Mercy, allows it all. 

Tomorrow is Black Friday.
People are getting up really early to get in on the good deals.
Even camping out in parking lots.
In other years I would get out early and fight crowds and traffic.
 Now that I am older, I just can't take the crowds...
Seems like there is so much pushing and shoving.
And many people have a such desperate look on their faces.
Christmas should be a joyful season.
 I am happy to just be home!

But I'm still looking ahead to Christmas!
I love it.
Many blessings on all.

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