Friday, November 19, 2010

My Roses

I first started making roses out of crepe paper when I was growing up.
Our mountain churches had Homecomings in the summertime,
There was one just about every Sunday all summer long.
Along with the preaching, singing and Good Food,
People would take flowers and decorate the graves of 
family and friends
 sleeping in the Church cemetery.
We still do this today.
My Father was the ultimate church-goer..He went to all of them 
took flowers.
When he found out that Linda (my niece-sister) and I could make these  roses,
he was very happy!! Now he had his flowers, 
every cemetery in our part of the mountains had some at one time or another! 
Precious memories of my Dad...
The best man and the best father!
It does my heart good to think about him.

These are made from coffee filters.

Different background.

They are really very easy to make.
I take them to nursing homes, 
give some as gifts.
People seem to enjoy them,
I enjoy making them.
They smell like roses!

Blessings on all.

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  1. Wow!! They look real. You must ahve a lot of fun making those. What a sweet memory you have of your father. He must have been a really good man. Have a great weekend,