Monday, November 8, 2010


I keep picking up leaves in the yard and drying them.
Well really,  they are already dry , there are thousands out there,
from all our trees.
Plus flowerheads, acorns and other things.
I  was  thinking about some way to preserve them,
possibly spraying with sealer.
Then Whitney said to me;
"Why not make potpourri"?
I had never thought of that!
I looked up some recipes for potpourri on the internet,
but really just did it my own way.
What I did was:
Let the leaves and flowers air dry,
Cut some paper thin appleslices and dried them in the oven.
Takes about 30 minutes on 150degrees.
You can also use orange peel the same way.
Placed the whole bunch of stuff in glass jars.
I had some apple scented oil from my candles,
I soaked Qtips with this and put them in the jars also.
I covered the jars tightly and will leave them alone for awhile.
We'll see how this works.
Anyway they are pretty!

It would be fun to just go for a walk ,
and pick flowers, leaves, and other things along the way.
I want some pine cones also..didn't have any today.
Maybe  the leaves could be touched up with bright colored paint! 
There are all kinds of possibilities.
The world of crafting is a wonderful,exciting  world!

Love and blessings on all,

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