Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today I finally got out of the house, after being cooped up because of the snow.
So of course, I went to Michael's.
While browsing around, I heard a couple talking to the framer about framing a picture.
He said "Well, it is one of a kind, so I am framing it."  
When I walked by, I looked at the picture..It was similar to this one...

         And this one..
Large paintings.
I think they look kind of like "One Stroke" painting.
what makes them so special and unique...
They were painted by elephants!!!!!
I love to paint, but these elephants just blew my mind!
My husband asked me if I was going to take lessons from them.
It might be a good idea!
All things are possible.
Elephants painting.....
Isn't that just amazing!!

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  1. I saw a video once of elephants painting.So awsome!