Sunday, January 9, 2011

I like to play around with my computer..trying out
different things.
And learning a bit in the process.
Most of all, I try to uplift the name of The Lord.
In the day in which we are living,
 not too much is said about Him any more.
I am determined in my weak way to do what I can,
maybe someone will stumble on this blog and be helped.
That is my desire and the reason I am doing this.
And I am blessed by doing it!!!!!
We are expecting snow tonight and tomorrow.
A few years ago, I had flowers blooming at Christmas!
What has happened to our weather??

Blessings on all,
and May you have a wonderful day.
Even with snow and ice!
You can always make snow cream!
Me,...I stay in the house until it melts.

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