Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My husband is disabled due to different kinds of illness.
Some days are hard for him, and he has to take it really easy.
Today was such a I stayed in the house and made flowers all morning!
My friend's husband is in a nursing home, so these will be going there.
We are planning on giving every patient will take at least 100!!
Some others will be helping with making them..I already have about 25 made.
These are not too hard to make..and it is a good way to give to those in lesser circumstances than us.
This world can be a sad place for the disabled, the old , and those who can no longer do much for themselves. When a person is no longer useful it is easy to forget about them...after all we live in such a busy world!
But Jesus said, " if you do it to the least of these, you do it to me". 
 I am so thankful that He never forgets!

 Sometimes the smallest things can mean a lot.
Have a Great Day!


  1. Shirley, Those are beautiful, and I think they will be well received, what a gracious project. oxox, Diane

  2. Shirley, beautiful flowers from a beautiful heart. I know the old folks are going to love them. You are a sweetheart to do this for them.