Monday, May 2, 2011


The last few days have been full of " happenings."
First the bad storms over parts of the South,
And today the death of the one who was responsible for the horror
of  9/11.
I am proud and thankful for our Military,
The ones who serve every day to protect our freedom.
I don't fly my flag every day..but today I hung it out,
and thanked God for the Red, White and Blue.
I am proud of the Flag of America!
Most of all I am thankful to God for His protection,
and for the mercy He shows to His people.
Pray for our Nation.

These roses  are growing at the nursing home our Church visited tonight.
Couldn't resist taking a picture.
After all I am a "rose" person!
Aren't they beautiful?
Wishing all a Blessed Day!


  1. You are such a blessing little sister!!!

  2. I too am so proud of our military and the job they do. America with all of its problems is still a very blessed nation... blessed because in God we trust.