Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

My Father's favorite flower was Marigold's.
Whenever and wherever I see marigold's I think of my Dad.
He was a mountain farmer..lived most of his life in the mountains,
except for a stint in the army during World War One.

Even in his later years when it became impossible for him to work the farm,
He would still plant marigold's.
Sometimes in the most unlikely places!

He was short in stature..but huge in spirit.
He believed in going to church..every matter what.
And he made us go too!

He was the best man I ever knew.
And though he has been gone for many years..
I still get a warm, safe feeling when I think about him.
It is an honor to be his daughter.

Happy Father's day, and Blessings on all!

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