Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Simple Things

Late Sunday evening we had a storm, which knocked the power out.
 No lights and No TV.
So, I sat on the front deck, and watched  planes descending
for a landing  in Charlotte.
Simple..but I enjoyed it.
And I wondered where all the people are going, and where they are coming from.
And how traffic controllers keep it all straight!

I have made up my mind to enjoy the little things more..
like the bluebirds flying around the birdhouses in our back yard.
They are very protective of their nests!

I want to stop and enjoy all the roses The Lord has allowed in my life.
There are many..
plants and people.
My family, my friends, my Church..the list could go on and on.
Life is short..but much to be thankful for.
Let's enjoy the small things, 
"take time to smell the roses."

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful post, beautiful thoughts that I totally agree with. In fact, growin up my then "little boy" used to tell me, "Mom if you keep stopping to smell the roses, you will never get anywhere". That was my favorite saying to my children. Their father was materialistic to the max, me just a simple girl with a heart for HIM and love of simple beauty. I have been a dreamer all my life, I feel so blessed and now in retirement my camera is almost always with me. Thank goodness for digital! I can shoot to my heart's delight which is often and a lot! have a beautiful day.