Monday, June 6, 2011


The sun was shining all day yesterday..
..Then in the late afternoon came a bad storm with high winds, lightning and thunder.
Debris, and tree limbs all over the neighborhood.
No one or anything was damaged,
but... we lost power!!
All night.
 And I realized how much we depend on electricity..
we are crippled without it.
No TV, no water, no lights, no air conditioning
Everything we do depends on having power!
Thankfully it came back on this morning,
And the Sun is shining again.
As Christians we must depend on The Lord as our source of power.
Without Him we are crippled and unable to do what is needed
I am glad to say He has all power,He  never runs out.
He never goes off, He never leaves us in the dark.
God is good!
Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. When we have a storm and the power goes out, I actually love lighting the candles and watching the light flicker on the walls. However, w/o the a/c here in Florida during the summer it gets hot inside fast if the power is out too long. So I bought a tiny little fan that had a cord to put around my neck and runs on a battery! Such simple pleasure but delightful in those times when needed. Yes, I am so glad HE has unlimited power and it is ours just for the asking.....Blessings on your day.