Saturday, April 28, 2012


"...Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not,
neither do they spin:
And yet do I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory 
was not arrayed like one of these."
Matthew 6:28-29
The promises of God are true.
He has promised to feed us and clothe us, and give us our needs.
That doesn't mean we will wear Prada or eat caviar, though if He sees fit,
it can happen.
Growing up in the North Georgia mountains, we often wore dresses made from chicken feed sacks...they worked just fine!
As a matter of fact I saw some on Etsy awhile back , and they were quite expensive.
It is good to serve a God who loves us, Who shows mercy to us, 
and cares for our every need.
He is a great God!
Spiritual Sunday
Have a Blessed day,


  1. pretty flowers! loved the verse! :)

  2. Lovely photo. Yes, it is good to serve a God who loves us and shows us mercy.
    Renee at Adventures In Faithful Living

  3. My grandfather was a dairy farmer. I made clothes out of cow feed sacks! I still have a maxi dress I kept from college days in the 70s. Maxi look like they've made a comeback this season!
    Thanks for the reminder of our God who clothes us with spiritual blessings.

  4. Love that verse so much. Retirement for me, has become a spiritual wonder of blessings. Always trusting in Him. Praising Him when each bill is paid and staying close to Him in making financial decisions for the rest of the month. Sometimes as you state, there is even a surprise overnight trip and then back to the "rations" of retirement living. All wonderful, all praise worthy. What wonderful inspiring posts I have seen from you this morning. Like walking along with Him. Thank you and may your day, your week be blessed.

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments!

  6. I love this. I love that scripture. I love all your beautiful flower pictures. I have worn flower sack dresses - but not in a long long time. LOL