Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tiny Birdhouses

I saw these on Pinterest...the website even had a pattern.
I plan to use them as Christmas ornaments.
I make things to give to my nursing home friends every year at Christmas,so by getting started July..
I should have plenty.
You can use left over card stock, decorative paper, old Christmas cards,even newspaper.The dark green one is made from a toilet paper roll.
Extremely easy to make.
I will add glitter, and other things to them, and a ornament hanger for the tree.
I love gold and silver, glitter, anything that sparkles and shines.
If left to myself, the world would probably be covered with a gold and silver haze!
Happy crafting to all!


  1. How cute these birdhouses are. That's so nice that you make Christmas presents for your friends at the nursing home. I'm sure they will love these. What a great idea.


    1. I will add lots of glitter and other things..will show again when finished.My nursing home people love anything...they love getting presents!