Monday, May 4, 2015


My husband is ill, and has been in the hospital for a few days.
I took these pictures..the first from his room.
The second from the parking lot.
It made me matter the troubles and burdens we face in life,
God still sends sunrises and sunsets, and beauty to comfort the heart.
God is good and His mercy endures forever.
Wishing all a blessed day.


  1. May your husband soon be strong and out of the hospital. Even in bad times, nature provides the best of beauty.

  2. Shirley, I'm so sorry to hear that your husband is ill.

    Thank you for your kind words today on my brother-in-law's post. Sending love your way.


    1. Thank you for all the times you have commented on my blog, and all the kind words.This is an old Southern term:"Y'all are good people!" Have a blessed day>

  3. Hi Shirley, Hope you remember me. The Lord lead me to your blog tonight and I am sorry to hear your husband is in the hospital. However, happy his room has a view of the beauty the Lord gives us daily. Lovely peaceful photos. I will be praying for both your husband's health and you as you go through this together. Hope your day brought good news and His peace.

    1. Lynn, I most certainly remember you, and have wondered where you were. Are you blogging now? Hoping to hear from you again!