Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day Of The Year

Well, here it is the last day of the year, and time to make candles again. Through Christmas I was "wiped out',what with the ones I sold and the ones I gave to family and friends. It is such a fun hobby,thought I would show a little of the process.

melting,pouring pot, scent and dye chips.
melted wax with scent and color added    

                            Glass containers with wicks, and holders made from popsicle sticks

                                                   I design and print my own labels.

Now to let them cure for a few days.
These are scented with Mango-Papaya and smell really good!!
I sell a few candles, but give most of them away to family(They grab them)!! and to others . Some wonder why I give so many away, as wax etc. is kind of expensive. I started doing this when a friend of Kim's saw some of the first ones I made. She was living in really bad circumstances so I gave her a couple.She was so glad to get them,When she had to move a short while later,she very carefully wrapped them so they would not break.Not long after this she had a stroke and left this world...she still had the candles. We are living in the "Me"generation,sometimes it is easy to forget about those less fortunate than ourselves. There are many for whom everyday life is a struggle-young mothers trying to raise children alone,widows with no one to help,
older people who think they have been forgotten, the list goes on and on and even a small cinnamon or rose or pumpkin scented candle can give  a bit of pleasure. Most of us have been  so greatly blessed, we have family, a good house to find rest from a weary day, a warm place to sleep, food on our table that it is easy to overlook the bad situations that exist all around us.
I cannot change the world, or prevent the bad things from happening,but I pray I might be able to bring a little beauty, or bright spot into a life that is in different circumstances than mine. And maybe even a small candle can help someone to feel better!
What ever we bring to the Lord He can and will use in His way.And that is my desire-to be used of Him!!
God Bless All!!


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