Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sometimes it is just easier to speak from the heart  in a poem. Here are a few poems and paintings.All poems and artwork are original works by me.

Sunbonnet Girl! A small wooden plaque. Original by Shirley!!

This painting measures 28x32,my version of a Thomas Kinkaide. 
Hangs in my living room.

Original by Shirley. Went to Kim at Christmas. Framed 16x20 canvas.

 Below is my version of a picture from a book, one of my first paintings. Unframed 16X20 canvas. All the pictures are painted with acrylics. Many people prefer oils, but I started with acrylics and just stick with them. I have other paintings I will post later when I can get them all sorted and in order.
Painting has been a great blessing in my life,and I thank The Lord for every opportunity He has allowed me.Anything good or any thing beautiful comes from Him!!
Blessings on all who may see this post. 

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