Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things I've learned Along The Way

A  Few Things I have Learned In My Journey Through Life

1.We all worry too much!!

2.Problems seem worse at night. When the Sun comes up, they often fade away,or at least become bearable!

3.When bad things happen, there is always a way through.

4. Jesus said to cast your cares on Him, and you can really do this. Though we think we are handling things ourselves, His way is much better.

5.When learning a new task, craft, music, or other, most times it can be simplified and made easier.

6. Experience is the best teacher.

7. You can always find someone who will laugh with you, But when you find someone who will cry with you, you have truly found a friend and

You are exceedingly blessed.

8. People (especially your children) do not really care how you look, or how rich,etc. you are,
they just want to be loved.

9. If you put your trust in The Lord, your life will be so much better.
10. We look at people and their faults with human eyes. God looks with Eyes of  Mercy.

Blessings on all!!!

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