Saturday, March 20, 2010


Seasons of Love

I loved you in life's springtime
When our hearts were young and gay.
When everything was easy,
There was nothing in the way.
With  all of life before us,
We had it in our hand.
The days were filled with sunshine,
We thought would never end.

 I loved  you in life's summertime
When days grew hot and long.
When we were always busy
With so much to be done.
Raising a young family,
And rushing here and there.
Still life was all before us,
And we never had a care.

I loved you in life's Autumn- time
When leaves had turned to gold.
When harvest was almost ready
To bring into the fold.
The days were growing shorter,
And nights were growing long.
Still life was filled with promise,
And still we had a song.

I loved you in life's winter-time
When leaves had turned to brown.
When days grew long and dreary,
And the snow came falling down.
With days of youth behind us,
Our steps are growing slow.
Life with all it's joys and sorrows,
Will soon come to a close.

And now, Life's final season
Is coming on our way.
And soon we will be facing
The closing of life's day.
But though we may be parted
There'll be no need to cry.
I've loved you through life's seasons,
And love will never die.
                                    (c) Shirley Wright

Leroy and Shirley
March 21,1955
Dial, Georgia

"What God hath joined together, Let not man put asunder"

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