Thursday, March 25, 2010



I recently showed some of the handmade quilts by Eva Wright.
Here are a few  more made by:


Her Mom,
Mrs Lizzie Bramlett,


 our Sister In Law,
Mrs Garnelle Duncan.

A feast for the eyes and heart.
Quilt lovers never get tired of looking.

Hand made quilts keep the body and soul warm!

Made by Eva:

Another View

Green and Lavender

Another View

Made by Mrs Bramlett
Mrs Bramlett was a true Mountain Lady in every sense of the word.
She spent many, many hours doing handwork, crocheting and quilting for her
family and friends. 
She is in Heaven today, but those she left behind can still feel her love in these
beautiful creations.
What a blessing to have them!

Hand crocheted bedspread.
Many hours went into making this-one stitch at a time.
Another view
One more.
Another Quilt by Mrs Bramlett

View 2

Around The World 
This is one of my favorites.

Tacked by Hand

Another quilt of the same pattern.
Different colors

Mrs Garnelle Duncan 
Another Christian Lady.
She spent many hours quilting,
and left behind some Precious Memories. 
This is a picture of  only one quilt of many.

View 2

 View 3

What could be better than sleeping under one of Mama's quilts?
Covered by love!!! 


Quilt from early 1900's made by 
Grandmother Bramlett

Needlepoint picture
made by Eva's 
Aunt Verba.
Every stitch perfect, and my favorite flower...Roses.

Old Platter
Not sure how old this is, but you can tell it has been around a long time,
and done it's duty!

We are living in uncertain and troubled times,
When it seems nothing is sacred any more.
Not much love to be found.
It does my heart good to  go back,
and see some of the  wonderful handmade things
from yesterday .
 When life was easier and families were closer.
A balm  for the soul.
May all be covered in love from these beautiful quilts,
 Most of all in the Love of Our Lord,
Who watches over His children
in unending Love and Mercy .


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