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When I started preparing this piece, I looked up a bit about the history of quilting, and it has been around a long time!! At least one quilt has been found dating back to Ancient Egypt.
In the early days of our country, it was a necessity, if you didn't make quilts for your beds, you were cold!!!  In recent years hand quilting has become very popular, with quilt shops and quilting clubs abounding.
My sister-in-law, Eva, is an accomplished seamstress-she has made everything from tiny baby clothes to wedding dresses. And she is also an avid quilter.
                                                    Here are a few of her creations:

"Cathedral Window"
Done completely by hand, from cutting to finishing.
It took many hours of hand work to finish this quilt.
And the pillow shams.
Another view
Some of the intricate details

You really have to see this quilt "in person" to appreciate it's beauty and see all the handwork
that goes into making it.  All a labor of love!!

"Around The World"
I love the bright colors!
Another view

Just Quilts
Don't know the names of all these, but they are beautiful!

Another view


Another view


Details of some of the blocks

These colors are beautiful together.
Lavender and green !

Note the fine detail on the lavender square.

Made for Chrissy
Quilt and Pillow 

This quilt was inherited from Eva's Grandmother-probably made in the early 1900's.
Still beautiful today, and the workmanship is marvelous.
When you enlarge the picture, you can see the tiny, even stitches.

You can see the frayed edges on this view.
A piece of history!
This old quilt has seen a lot of living, and if it could talk,What stories it could tell!
Hand quilting is an art, and like any  other art, part of your heart and soul goes into each piece.
Love  that can be passed on to future generations!
Blessings on all quilters who take the time to keep this great,useful art form going.
Wishing all of you gold needles and gold thimbles and golden quilting frames and tangle free thread!!!
 And plenty of time to use them!

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