Thursday, March 11, 2010


Butterfly in my Garden

There is an old saying that one picture is worth a thousand words .Sometimes words are not even needed.
It is amazing the things  that can be done with photographs nowadays. 
I was playing around in Picasa and tried some of the different effects.
Here are several of the same flower.
Just a click changes everything. I think there is a life lesson in here-Be careful where you click!

This is the original flower. A Zinnia from last summer.
Beautiful on its own with no editing effects.

First Edit-Soft Focus
I like the soft edges, and use this a lot in my pictures.

2. I really like this one
Looks like a different flower.

3 Red Tint
Looks kind of like a Poinsettia!

4- Another Favorite 
This is beautiful!

5-Black and White- As a person who loves color,
I do not care as much for this one.
But Black and White has its was First!

6-Sepia-Somewhat better than Black and White
Looks like  a picture found in an old album.

7  Yellow Tint

8 Purple Tint
Everybody loves purple!

9 Beige tint-I like this one
Soft,pretty pastel color.

10 Blue Tint
 Another Surreal! Maybe made on the Moon?

11  I can't remember what this is-But it is bright and I like it.
Imagine...Purple Leaves !
Picasa is pretty basic  Hey....if I did it.........
I could spend all day doing this.
 I can only imagine what a really knowledgeable person  could do with it.
Or someone with PhotoShop.
Isn't technology wonderful?
 I still remember the days of the little Brownie cameras,
and I took many pictures with mine as I was growing up.
We have come a long way, and we are  so blessed.
Happy picture taking and Photo editing to all.
There is a whole world of tints and colors waiting out there!

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