Monday, March 1, 2010


Last night as I went to my room all alone,
My spirit was burdened with care.
It seemed there was no one who cared for my soul
My burdens too heavy to bear.
I lay all alone in the darkness of night,
With tears streaming down my face.
Then just at the midnight's darkest hour,
I could feel someone start to pray.
 Some one cared enough to fall on their knees,
And call out my name to The Lord.
They asked Him to help me in my hour of need,
To send His sweet peace to my soul.
Some one touched Heaven for me last night,
The Father heard from above.
He opened the windows of Mercy and Grace 
And filled me with His perfect Love. 
 As the sun came over the hill once again,
I arose to face the new day.
With Joy in my heart, and praise on my lips.
All because somebody prayed.
                                               (c) Shirley Wright

In the troubled times in which we live today, what a blessing to have praying friends!
May the Gentle Hand of The Lord touch all who may read this.

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