Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Bibles

Sometimes things that look very simple and useless to people who "don't know" can really be priceless treasures. Such is this Bible. It belonged to my Mom and Dad, and for many years it lay on the arm of the couch in our old mountain farmhouse.Since the wood heater was in the middle of the living room, we did not have a coffee table.And now that I think of it, we never missed having one. So many precious memories are connected to this old beat up Bible-My Dad was a mountain farmer and would rise very early every morning. Many times I remember getting up to go to school and see him sitting asleep on the couch with this Bible in his work worn hands.
 And not only was it to read, but leafing through it you can find many other treasures.
                                          Dad would write down Scripture and leave it in the Bible .

And Mama's spring flower list; She always had beautiful flowers blooming in the summertime. After she 
 became unable to work in the yard, she had pots of flowers on the front porch.
When you rounded the last curve before turning in to the house, you could see the bright colors from the road.
This list is for tuberous begonias, she had every color imaginable!
Mom and Dad have been gone from this world for many years, but I still get a warm, safe feeling when I see their handwriting . It makes me remember happy times,and what GOOD people they were. How blessed I was to have them as my Parents.
Sometimes on Mother's Day and Father's Day I get this old Bible out and take it to church with me, and just remember!

My Old Bible

This is an old Bible of mine given to me by my husband and children on a long ago birthday.
I have several Bibles,one I leave at church.
But this is the one I love to read at home. It has lots of scripture marked where my husband preached, 
.Lists and scribbles of mine: I leave notes everywhere and on everything!
This one lists some of the miracles of Jesus.
A letter from Scott when he was very small. A treasure I will NEVER part with:
I have had this Bible for many years, and it is getting worn, but still is my favorite. I get up very early in the morning, and like my Dad, I sit in the stillness and quiet and read. It seems like you can feel closer to The Lord early in the morning.
 I thank God for the Christian  Heritage that was passed on to me!
Blessings on all who read this.

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  1. I absolutely love the writing about the Bibles. I too, love looking through the old family Bibles. My Bible is absolutely falling apart, notes everywhere each child's favorite verse marked, etc...I can't even bare to leave it with someone to be rebound. My parents also gave each one of us children with a great Christian heritage. Shirley, let me introduce myself...Lynnae Sullins daughter of Mary Jo Leisure. You also just became a follower of my son's blog in which is how I found yours. I look forward to reading more.