Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Treasures From The Past

 As a very sentimental person, I love old things.
I like old barns, old houses, old dishes, old photographs.
Things that recall yesterday, when in memory it was always June, the sun was always shining, and the roses were always in bloom!
Being basically a pack-rat, I have kept a lot of old things through the years that would not mean much to anyone but myself and my family

This is an old platter, that by no stretch of imagination could be called beautiful.
But this platter belonged to my great grandparents, probably in the 1870's.
I remember seeing it on the table at my Grandmother's house when I was very young.
They called it a meat dish. And that was what it did-hold meat--fried meat.
After all we are Southern Appalachian Mountain  people and we like fried stuff!
Sometimes I get it out and use it.
Just because of the connection I can feel to the past, and to the good people who paved the way for the ones coming on behind.
Down to earth, hard working mountain people.
With hearts as big as the mountains where they lived!

This little pitcher was my Grandmother's-came to me via my Mom.
It was used to hold syrup, The kind you make by boiling cane juice.
Talk about good eating with hot biscuits and butter- home made from your own cow!!

Gravy Boat.
My sister gave this to me, it was given to her by our Great Aunt Ruth.
I don't know how old it is, but I love the design.
I cracked it , and tried to patch it, but the crack still shows.
 My sister and our aunt are both gone now,
  But I still keep it-it is another sweet reminder of the past
And still beautiful!

My brother sent this picture to my Mom.
It was made in Hawaii.
He was stationed there when he was in the Navy.
It hung on the living room wall at home for many years.
The frame is made from a native Hawaiian wood.


 Linda and I bought this little planter for my Mom at Lays  Five and Dime in Blue Ridge.
Some time in the 1950's.
It hung on the wall at home for many years.

Mom's blue Ball Canning Jars
Some of the first canning jars she had.
Mountain women worked so hard , raising gardens and canning for the winter.
My Mom worked all summer in our farmhouse kitchen, canning on a wood stove before electricity
came to our area.
And no air-conditioning.
Beans, corn, tomatoes,blackberries, apples, peaches,
 Home-made Blackberry Jam!!

Shape Note Songbooks
Stamps-Baxter used to come out with new shape note songbooks twice a year.
Lots of beautiful convention and quartet songs in these books.
Shape notes have been around  over 200 years, tho not used very much any more.
You learn the tone of a note by looking at the shape And you can sing a new song all the way through without any instrumental backup. Churches around home used to have singing schools where they taught the notes.
And how to keep time. After a two week singing school, just about anyone could lead a song they had never seen before, plus keep perfect time!
There are still a few places that teach the old shape notes. They are  much simpler and easier to learn than the round notes of today.
I have stacks of these old books.
It is a form of music that should be preserved.

My Gibson Guitar
This Gibson was made in the late 1960's or early 1970's.
It was given to me by my brother, and I played and sang with it for 25 years.
And being me, I just had to paint roses on the pick guard.
It is resting now,newer guitars and other instruments have replaced it, but I will never part  with it.
It is still a beautiful guitar.
And in my heart it will always have first place!

Spirea Bush
This bush has been here ever since our house was built in 1965.
So I guess you could call it old!
This year has been the most beautiful  I have ever seen it.
Old age really does have it's own beauty.

I have enjoyed showing some of my old treasures.
Thanks for looking, and God Bless all!


  1. I so enjoyed reading your post on old things and what they mean to you. I love this too. It means much to me to touch , use, something that belonged to someone I loved and even the old things I have not knowing where they came from I try to imagine who once used them.
    The old fashion white spirea bush is also a favorite of beautiful with its long graceful white branches. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great writing.....I too have two old spirea bushes at my house and they are in full bloom now. It is one of my favorite thinks. It looks as though it is just dripping snow.