Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Planting

It is time to start the garden. Paw Paw is not able to do much this year, so Grandson Jeremy is doing it all.
Since he has a "green thumb" I know he will do well.

Plants Jeremy grew from seed:
Watermelon,cucumbers and
And he has more at his home.
Every garden needs sunflowers!!
These plants are beautiful.

Texas Sweet.

the best sweet corn you ever tasted!

Mtn. Half Runners
He has several other things to put out later.


And of course Paw Paw has to supervise!
Everybody needs a good supervisor!

A good morning's work!
Now to wait on everything to come up.

My contribution:
 This is my flower "spot"

I usually have good luck with Zinnias and Marigolds.
They will grow under just about any conditions!

I can't do a post about flowers without mentioning
My pansies;
These two pots of pansies  and I have endured so much cold weather and hard times through the winter that
I no longer call them flowers,
They Are My Friends!!!
I love them
 They love me!
Just like friends are supposed to do.

They still have their sweet faces!

This has been a good garden day!
Blessings on my wonderful Grandson  for stepping in and doing what needs to be done.
We love you, Jeremy!

And blessings on all who read this.

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