Friday, May 14, 2010


Have you ever seen so much green?
Trees, grass, plants.
It's everywhere!!

Just a few weeks ago everything was a drab, dull, grey and brown.
With snow

But Now...........just look!.

What really amazes me is it's all green, 
but so many different shades.
And they all "match"
And all other colors match the green.
The Lord's coloring palette is absolutely perfect,
can never be duplicated .

We have had a beautiful spring.
Jeremy's garden is growing:

I actually have flowers coming up in my flower bed!
O.K., I know this  doesn't look like much now,
But Just Wait.
This flower bed will be awesome in July!
Even though it is mostly Zinnia's and Marigold's,
there will be a riot of color.
Bright red, yellow, pink and orange.
I promise.

There is one flaw in all this beauty.
In these two huge trees in my front yard,
Lives a family of squirrels.

Two Young ones have targeted two flower pots on the deck.
There are other pots on the deck
These are the only ones they bother. 
They dig and dig, and dirt and plants fly everywhere.
They have actually eaten some of them!
 These poor plants have been re-potted so many times.

 I have actually seen them in The Act!

When They see me looking, they high-tail it across the yard!
Probably to some one else's flower pots.
 I only have pictures of one, but there are two of them.

I have received lots of advice about what to do  about their vandalism.
Don't know what I will do.
After all, they are only children!!
Sometimes I Just Have to Smile!

God Is In His Heaven...
   It is springtime in North Carolina,
life is good.
I have been blessed!!!


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  1. Shirley, I look forward to seeing the color in the garden soon. It is amazing how God lets nature sleep for a season but when He wakes it up it is absolutely a sight to see. I love the two big trees - they are gorgeous