Friday, May 7, 2010


Sunday, May 9 is Mother's Day.
A special day just for Mom's.

In my "Treasure Box' of memories
 I found this poem I wrote a few years ago.
It says a lot about my Mother,
sometimes a poem is just the best way!

This poem is dedicated to all Mothers.
A Mother's love is close to God's heart!

She had no earthly  treasures
of silver or of gold.
Mama used to wear the same old dress,
'Most everywhere she'd go.

But you could never call her poor.
No, not by any means.
For Mama had what counts the most,
She was rich in Heavenly things.

She never traveled very far   
The world's great sights to see.
She mostly spent her time at home,
raising her family.

With her many acts of kindness,
And her smile for everyone,
Our home was such a happy place
Because of Mama's love.

And when I was a little child,
Lying sick in bed.
Everything seemed better
with her gentle hand upon my head.

Many years have come and gone,
And many things have changed.
But I still remember the love I felt,
At the touch of Mama's hand.

I remember her love and laughter,
And her generosity.
And every good thing that I know
I learned at Mama's knee!
                                           (c) Shirley Wright

We see many pictures on TV and in newspapers of ladies,
dressed in  the best clothes and wearing  beautiful jewelry.
Seemingly with perfect lives.
And I'm sure they are deserving of all they have.

My Mama was a lady.
She lived her life on a mountain farm, raised six children, never owned a diamond ring,
and had one "Sunday " dress.
And everywhere she went she had one child in her lap, and another hanging on to her.
But her love for her family, her generous spirit , 
and her ability to smile through tears
made her rich beyond measure.

And the love spilled over to all who came her way.
No visitor ever left our house without sitting down at the table and eating something.
And there was always lots of people visiting,
Some even came and stayed awhile!
And felt welcome doing so.

Mama has been gone for many years,
The world has never seemed the same without her.
I still miss the touch of her hand when I am sick, or sad.
It seems Heaven is a sweeter place because she is there.
We will meet again!


May the Lord bless all who may read this post.

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