Thursday, June 10, 2010


These Geese have nothing to do with beads;
I just liked the picture.

One of my favorite hobbies is working with beads.
I have lots of beads,

All shapes and sizes.

Different colors
 Accent pieces

Lots of little cups

Trays and trays.
 I really do have a lot of beads!

It is fun making your own jewelry.
You can  color match any outfit.
I make necklaces for myself ,
and earrings, necklaces and anklets for my daughter.
She will take anything I make, no matter how it looks! 
Sweet Kim!!

A few of my creations.
Most people like this one.

I really like this one.
Matches one of my blouses  perfectly!

  Another of my favorites.

Love the bright colors.

 One of the nice things about working with beads and making your own jewelry,
You can make any size,style or color you like.
The possibilities are endless.
You can use acrylic beads, which are not so expensive,
or use the real gemstones
which can become quite expensive.
you are your own designer!
And you can have "one of a kind."

These will eventually be made into a necklace.      
I don't know  when....
Just have to wait for the right time.
When my creative side kicks in again!


Happy Beading!

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