Monday, June 14, 2010

Jeremy's Garden


My grandson Jeremy planted his first garden this year
We had no idea he was so good with plants,
but he seems to have the "magic touch."
Inherited no doubt from his North Georgia Great grandfather .
A mountain man who could make anything grow, and grow BIG!!

Beans  are growing.
Corn is beginning to "silk"



Every Southerner's Favorite;

Sunflowers-They are huge!
Like "Jack and The Beanstalk."
Hopefully there is not a giant lurking around,
Waiting to pounce!
I have enough trouble fighting my squirrels.

And speaking of squirrels, there are approximately 10,000 of them
living in these trees in my front yard!
And more are coming every day!
 Yesterday when I went outside there were
several hanging on the trunk of the tree..
Giving me the "evil eye"
Planning their next round of destruction!
They have dug so much in my pots on the deck,
I just gave up and  let them have them.
After all, they are smarter than me!!

I did manage to keep one petunia.
I am trying to keep it hidden,
Those squirrels will find it if I don't watch.
I must be vigilant!!
Believe me..
 I am grateful for any small blessing!

 I have a few more flowers

Hollyhocks still giving it their best,
growing like weeds!

 And my sweet little Zinnias
I cannot complain..
Summer is here.
  Talking about summer, and gardens and plants is a good thing.
Jeremy's garden is growing in a big way,
I  have a few flowers coming along.
My family is near,
God is in His Heaven,
Watching over His world,
And ....
Best of all,
He is still in control!
 Even the trees can rejoice!

 Isaiah 14
8-Yea, the Fir trees rejoice at Thee  
                                   And the cedars of Lebanon....................                        

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