Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A few pictures of some of my favorite things..
..and people.
 Things I love,
People I love.
Just  doing everyday things.
That is what makes them so special!

Paw Paw taking it easy!

 Great Grand Son Brayden chatting with Paw Paw.
A very serious conversation.
 The World's greatest secrets are being discussed,
And problems solved!

Brayden and his sweet Mom, 

Brayden crawling in the grass!
Being outside is a miracle to a 9 month old baby! 
Wouldn't it be nice to feel that way again?
Brayden is definitely one of our special people.
Little bundle of happiness!!!
The sun can't help but shine brighter when he is around!

Two more favorites;
Jeff and Andy.
Playing guitar duet.
Beautiful Music by great musicians.
They make it look so easy !
Easy listening too.

 * * * * * *

I took my camera, and  walked around outside this afternoon,
Just looking for things to photograph.
You never know what might be out there.
Even the simplest things can be interesting, and have a story to tell.
Sounds goofy,
but hey,
That's me!!

I have been fiddling with my camera settings,
and sometimes it just doesn't work!
If I knew what all those funny looking symbols meant
it would be so much easier.
And the camera book does not help.
 It is very confusing.
After all, I am a person that has trouble with my TV remote!
But I am learning.

One day I will be a great photographer!!!
You think?

One of my Zinnia's

Another Zinnia

Marigold in the corn patch

Tiny Hollyhock

Watermelon in Jeremy's garden
He has his eye on this one,
No one else had better touch it!!
It does look good enough to eat.
This is a seedless watermelon, and he has babied it from the start.

Jeremy's Sunflower

Beginning to bud.
These are monster sunflowers!

Crepe Myrtle tree.
You can't tell from this picture, but the top is covered in pink flowers.
I planted this tree in my yard 38 years ago.
When conditions are favorable it is covered in pink blooms from top to bottom.
My grandmother had a pink crepe myrtle in her yard when I was a small child,
And I  thought it was so beautiful.
It has always been  one of my favorite flowers.

Birdhouse made by Leroy in days when his health was better.
I made the little bluebirds from clay.
And hand painted them. 
And as usual, put flowers all over it.
This is one I am keeping.
 It can be used outside, but I keep it inside.

Hand Painted  pansy flower pot
Not quite finished, still a bit more shading and highlighting to do.

 Last, and for absolutely no reason;
My computer monitor!
Just practicing with my camera.


So, my walk outside (and inside) is over for this day.
Everything living really does have a story to tell,
and a reason to be here.
And that is a comforting thought.
Life is good!
Blessings on All.

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