Sunday, June 27, 2010


Pictures of  an old North Georgia Bridge.
Fannin County,Georgia

Noontootla Bridge
Noontootla is an odd name-left over from the Cherokee's.
Originally this area was Chreokee land!

  Noontootla is one of the best trout fishing streams in North Georgia.
We lived about a mile "up the road',
crossed this bridge every day.

As children we walked to school, and some of the "daredevil" boys
would walk on the top rail!

Churches used to have baptizings  in the creek.
I was baptized here on the first Sunday in May,
The water was cold!
But a beautiful sunshiny day!
One I have never forgotten.

The road has changed, and this bridge is private now,
But in the past a lot of people used it.
I used to sit on the porch at home, and listen for my boy friend's
(husband now) car. When I heard it cross the bridge, I knew he was on his way!!

* * * * *

Noontootla Creek

There are many "fish tales" about trout caught in Noontootla!
We used to stand on the bridge and look down in the water at the
"Whitesuckers" on the bottom.
They were HUGE fish- but nobody tried to eat them,
because of the bones.
These fish looked like whales and were absolutely full of bones!

* * * * *
This has been a nice little trip 
down Memory Lane .
I think it is good sometimes to go back to our roots,
remember days gone by.
How blessed we were 
to be allowed to grow up in the North Georgia Mountains.
Time passes, and life changes,
The memories are the same!
Mountain people are still the best people
on earth!!

When you have time,
Sit down and pull out your" memory box".
It will do your heart good to return to "The Good Old Days"!
Even for just a short while.

Happy Trout Fishing
Happy Trout eating!


Have a little piece of Watermelon!!

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