Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Playing With Photos 

Sometimes I like to sit down and see what be done, using my photo editing programs.
You can change sizes,shapes, colors.
Add things.
Make things look different from what they actually are!
Which is, depending on the person, a good thing,
or it could be a bad thing in the wrong hands.
As someone who loves "make believe," I  just have fun with it.

I spend  much time on my computer.
Doing all sorts of weird things.
And trying to learn lots of different programs.
Sometimes it takes time and lots of "trial and error."
  Anytime spent being happy is not wasted time . 
It makes me happy!

Everybody likes to see pictures.   

These pictures were created using different elements from different places.
Putting them all together to make one picture.


Different color

Old barns

Hand Painted

The snow doesn't look too realistic,
But hey.....
I am just playing!
And trying to learn.

When you think of how easy it is to change a photograph,
Stop for a moment and think how much easier it is for The Lord to change lives! 
His change is perfect. 
And will last forever!

Blessings on all.

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