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We are living in a time when it seems there is not much Spirit around any more.
 Even Churches  sometimes seem cold and unloving.
This world needs Revival!
Beginning on June 7, 2010 , New Bethel Baptist, our small country Church, was allowed to experience 
an "old timeHoly Ghost,Preaching,praying, shouting, singing, praising,Bible waving,  foot stomping
Two weeks of Revival!
It was amazing.
Different churches joined together, and different preachers preached each night.
And by the Preaching of His Word,
God allowed a Miracle to come our way.
 We thank Him!
And praise Him!
Because He, and only He is worthy!
Even in the year 2010, when we feel we are in the last days of time,
God's Spirit is still alive and well!
There is still Salvation for the lost,Help for the helpless, and Love for the unloved.
In The Person of Jesus Christ!
And that is something to shout about!!!

 The Ministers;

Michael Spargo

Brian Spargo

Twin brothers. 
Baptist Tabernacle
They often preach as a team,
One will start the message and the other  will finish.
And get the message across perfectly!
Though young in years, they are great in knowledge of the Lord.
And a blessing to all!

Rev Kenny Cope and wife Selena

Sandy Ford Freewill Baptist Church
Mt. Holly N.C.
Another young Minister with "Fire from Heaven" in his preaching.
Wonderful message from The Holy Word of God.
Solid and sure.
The Hand Of God is upon him and his preaching!

Rev Bobby Meeks
Way Of The Cross Baptist Church
Mt. Holly N.C.
The lovely lady by his side is his wife Joyce.

"Preacher Bobby" has been fighting the battle awhile longer than the younger
preachers, but the fire is just as bright, and the message is the same .
Rock  solid, sound doctrine from God's Word.
Doctrine you can base your soul's salvation on.
A great man of God!

Rev Ed Martin
New Bethel Baptist Church
Wife Zelma by his side.
Rev. Martin has also been in the battle awhile,
 He is a blessing to all who know him and hear him preach.

Rev. John Duncan
New Bethel Baptist Church.  
John has been pastoring for many years,
and fought many battles for The Lord. 
Still standing strong, 
         and the message is the same.   

 Rev Vernon Cope
Sandy Ford Freewill Baptist Church
Mt Holly N.C.
 Rev. Cope and his church came and supported the revival every night.
With their presence,
their great musicians and singers.

Many wonderful musicians and singers from different churches came and supported the Revival,
it seemed fitting to devote this post to the Pastors and and Preachers who
brought the Messages from God's Word.
The ones who fight the battle  every day,
In their home Churches,
the ones who evangelize.
There were different styles, and different ways of ministering,
 The Same Message...
Jesus Saves!!!
We say a heart felt "Thank You" to all.

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings,
that publisheth peace;
That bringeth good tidings of good,
that publisheth salvation;
that saith unto Zion,
Thy God reigneth!
Isaiah 52-7

We may never be allowed to meet on this earth again 
exactly the same way...
We will remember the revival 
New Bethel Baptist Church
In June 2010!
God's Spirit is still alive and well,
He still saves! 

Blessings on all!

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