Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Even though the weather is hot and dry,
July is my favorite month of the year..

July 14 is always a special day for me.
Want to know why???

 I have had lots of birthdays.
Each one  special in its own way.
Sometimes I have received many presents and cards,
Sometimes not so many.
Sometimes just ignored!!

Which is o.k.
I Have Been Blessed!!

Blessed beyond measure.

I have a loving God.
I know the Love and Mercy Of Our Savior.
I am blessed with precious family that I love dearly.
All of them.
From the oldest to the youngest.
My Husband and my Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
My brother and sisters , and nieces and nephews and cousins,
scattered all over the country.
 I am thankful for each one.

When any one in the family has a birthday,
My niece, Teresa always calls and sings "Happy Birthday."
She has her own version which ends with the words...
....Hubba Hubba Hubba!....
After we receive her call our birthday has officially begun!
 * * * * *

Today I have a tub of chocolate ice-cream.
Just for me!

It is full of brownie pieces and other chocolate things.
A chocolate lover's dream.
And it is all mine.
Because it 's my birthday!!

I have a guardian angel to watch over me..

Given to me by my daughter, Kim. 

How can I go wrong with an angel watching!

Life is good!

Blessings on all.

Happy Birthday to me!♪ ♪

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