Saturday, July 10, 2010

Early Morning

I am an early riser.
I love to get up early in the morning when everything is quiet, and the day just beginning.
When everything seems fresh and new, a whole new page of life!
There are many benefits to rising early..

 Watching  the sun rise:

Looking up through the trees in my front yard.

I like to walk around and look at the flowers 
they are happy early in the morning,
before the day gets so hot and scorching.

We have had some record breaking hot days lately.

Sometimes I see a bunny hop through the yard. .
She has a family in the garden, but I haven't been able to get any pictures.
She keeps her family well hidden!
And she hops away any time I get too close.

And of course there are the 10,000 squirrels who make their home in the trees in the front yard.
Every morning when I take my first look out my window,
They are climbing down the tree trunks getting ready to start their day  also.

 Birds sing their sweetest songs early in the morning.

Last, but by no means least!

Always makes my day better!!!!


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