Wednesday, July 21, 2010



I love to take pictures.
Not that I am a good photographer or anything like that,
I just enjoy finding things to photograph.
And there is much to see in everyday,ordinary things.
Like  the street where we live.
 We live in a good neighborhood-nothing fancy, just good people.
Good, "salt of the earth" neighbors.
Most of us have lived here for years, when people move in they never leave!
It is a very quiet and peaceful  place to live,and I am thankful to be here.
Just a tiny speck in the universe, but it is home.
There is no place like home!!!!!

Let's take a walk !
I know I could use some new shoes!
A whole new wardrobe would be nice!!!
That is another story!

My Street

There are many HUGE trees.
Reaching for the sky!

Magnolia in my neighbor's yard.

These two trees are in my front yard.
The largest squirrel population in the United states lives here.
In these two trees !!

They are so tall it is very hard to get a really good picture.

Neighbor's grapevine

Everything is such a lovely shade of green!

The crepe myrtle trees have been absolutely gorgeous this year.
They are in almost every yard, and really showing off their colors!
Different shades of pink ,with some purple and a few red ones. 

 Flowerbed next door

Two Marigolds

Marigolds were my Dad's favorite flowers.
I plant  some every year just in his memory.
And have happy thoughts about him when they bloom!

Thanks for strolling down my street with me .
Next time we will go all the way to the end, about a mile.
First, I will have to work up some stamina,because there is a hill to climb.
And maybe I will get some new walking shoes!

The best scenery of all!
 Great Grandson Brayden.

Blessings on all, 
Until we meet again,
May the Lord hold you safely in the Palm of His Hand.

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