Monday, August 23, 2010


On Saturday I posted pink things...Today will be blue.
I was thinking-" I will never find enough blue things to post."
 just look!
There is blue everywhere..all around us.
I like blue, it is a calming color.
Good for the nerves, and a balm for the soul.
God's Heaven is blue!

Hand poured Soy candle.
I made it for Great Grandson Brayden's first birthday.
( Today, August 23)
The scent is Juniper Breeze, and it SMELLS GOOD!
His smile lights up the world.
Does it not?

Cup from the thrift store.
Kiln fired decal.
It was originally solid white.
I put the decal on and fired it in my friend's shop.
I have plans for other white cups...more decals!

Another thrift-store find.
There is a set of four;
Still in the original box.

Scene from a long ago card.
Isn't this a good way to preserve old cards?

I have had this old globe forever.
When my daughter saw it today she said;
"I Want That"
So it will be changing locations.

Small fan with blue flowers.

Blue Reflections

And last;
Blue Sky.
You just can't beat God's Blue!
It is perfect.

It has been fun looking up blue things to post.
So maybe different colors on other days.
This could go on and on........

Here is one last little thing to help you stay cool,
On these hot August days.

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