Monday, August 23, 2010

Brayden's Birthday Party

Today , August 23, is our Great Grandson Brayden's first birthday.
His party was yesterday, and I wanted to post a few pictures.
Being Great grand parents is special,
and being at the party was special!
Mom Whitney and her Mom, Robin
did a great job.

Everything matched.
Safari Theme.
His cake; 

plates and napkins.

His gifts.
He had a ton!
 Opening presents.

Four generations
Jeremy's Family;
Great Grandparents,
Leroy and Shirley.
Jeremy and Brayden.
Grandmother Kim .

Whitney's Family
Great Grandmother and Brayden,
Grandmother Robin.

Proud Mom

It was a fun time for all of us!
God's Blessings on Brayden ,
His Mom and Dad.


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