Friday, August 27, 2010


During the spring and early Summer I had to fight the squirrels digging up my flowers.
Finally, they have moved on to other things.
(Like eating the seed out of my neighbor's bird feeder.)
Recently a cat has started using the flower bed  as his personal domain.
And making a mighty mess!
We have had such a hot summer, he probably finds it cooler in there. 
And I really can't blame him for looking for a cooler place.
However, Because of him,
One side of the bed looks bad.

This is the side The Cat uses.

The other side still looks pretty good.
I'm just hoping and praying That Cat moves somewhere else!

The Zinnia's are still going strong.

And the Marigold's

Some things are going away..
This was once the corn patch.
The corn (thankfully) is in the freezer.

But others are flourishing.
If you look closely, There is a gourd in there!
A birdhouse gourd.
There are lots of them.
They make really nice birdhouses.
For those who like decorative painting...
Good painting surfaces.

 Morning Glory's
 There are those who would say wild Morning Glory's are a weed,
and need to be removed.
But I say a garden with Morning Glory's is a special gift from above.
And their beauty is free!
Blessings on all,

Sending a "Bear Hug" your way!

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