Saturday, August 21, 2010


I love blogging! Usually everything works well,
Today has been a hard day in my blogging experience.
Problems all day!
My computer!
There are some bloggers who have  what they call "pink Saturday".
Everyone posts something pink on that day.
Which sounds great to me-you can never have too much pink.
So  today I am joining in!

 Here goes!
 Pink picture created from different elements.
Made on my computer.

This angel is from a long ago  Christmas card.
She looks "pretty in pink."

One of my coffee filter roses.

Pale Pink vase with "gems".

One More.
Another coffee filter rose.

This has been fun... I might add other colors
and do a "Blue Monday"  (or something.)

I have been posting about my walks all week,
so hopefully this has been a nice change.
And I really appreciate anyone who may  look this way.
There are some wonderful, talented,smart people out there in "Blogland". 
I can spend hours ambling around, reading posts, and admiring all the talent.
Life would be much less joyful without you! 

Thank you for  coming my way

Blessings on all.

 We shape our lives not by what we carry with us,
But what we leave behind. 

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