Sunday, August 1, 2010

Prayer Box

I am a praying person, I believe fully in the power of prayer.
Sometimes my mind is so cluttered with day to day living
that I forget some of the requests that have been made.
So I decided I needed a  box in which to keep everything.
I could have used a store bought box, but I wanted to do it myself .
To my way of thinking that makes it more personal.
And I loved doing it!

 I found this small, ordinary, brown box at the Dollar Tree, and painted it a very light shade of green.

That wasn't really what I wanted, 

So I changed the color:

And painted these red roses on it.

That still wasn't exactly what I wanted ,so I changed it yet again.
I always seem to wind up with pink roses.

The final version.

Now I will place names of my family, friends, and other requests in it,
Though I cannot always remember names, 
The Father knows each one. 
I may not be able to do great things,  or have access to important, powerful people.
Still, I can pray.
And prayer changes things!

* * * * *

I believe in prayer!!!

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